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How it Works
Connect with Bvado
Share your venue details and expectations with us and a member of our team will customize your entertainment experience to drive the most foot traffic.
Coordinate Your Event
Set up engaging mini-soccer game events once or to recur daily, weekly, or monthly, it's your choice!
Leave the Rest to Us
Bvado takes care of everything, from setup to facilitation. Our professional team ensures that everything runs smoothly, leaving you free to enjoy the fun and create lasting memories with your guests.
Benefits Bvado Offers
Boost foot traffic and revenue with Bvado's unique entertainment.
Drive Revenue Growth with Unique Entertainment
Bvado's soccer-themed games are a revenue booster. Hosting Bvado events can significantly increase sales as patrons stay longer, order more, and return for exciting, unique experiences.
Draw Larger Crowds and Repeat Visitors
Bvado's engaging activities attract larger crowds and create repeat visitors. With a stream of Bvado events, your bar or brewery becomes a must-visit destination, leading to sustained business growth.
Enhance Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
Bvado adds value to your patrons' experiences. They enjoy memorable moments and a sense of community, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher satisfaction levels.
Elevate Your Brand's Reputation
Partnering with Bvado elevates your bar or brewery's reputation. Unique soccer-themed events create buzz, differentiate your brand, and boost your presence in the market.
Simplified Pricing
Unlock revenue opportunities with our win-win model.
Up front reservation fee
  • Equipment rental and delivery
  • Professional team for setup and facilitation
10% fee on net increase in drink sales

Bvado specializes in unique soccer-themed entertainment, including soccer bowling, soccer golf, and other creative games. These activities can create an energetic and interactive atmosphere in your bar, encouraging patrons to stay longer, engage with others, and enjoy their time at your establishment.

Bvado offers competitive pricing options tailored to your bar's needs and budget. Our goal is to ensure that the partnership is financially beneficial for both parties. We can discuss pricing details and potential revenue-sharing arrangements to find the best solution for your bar.

Certainly, we have a track record of successful partnerships with bars and venues that have seen increased foot traffic, higher sales, and enhanced customer experiences. We'd be happy to share case studies and connect you with satisfied bar owners who have partnered with Bvado.

Bvado takes care of the setup and facilitation of our entertainment activities, allowing your staff to focus on serving customers and ensuring their satisfaction. We handle the equipment, rules enforcement, and coordination of the games, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Bvado actively promotes our partnership through our marketing channels, including social media, our website, and email campaigns. We also provide promotional materials and can collaborate with you on marketing strategies to attract a new customer base to your bar. Our goal is to ensure that the partnership benefits your establishment both in terms of increased revenue and brand visibility.
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