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Bvado specializes in unique soccer-themed entertainment services, including soccer bowling, soccer golf, soccer tennis, soccer bocce, soccer cornhole, soccer croquet, and small-sided soccer games in an inflatable field. These services are tailored for a variety of events and settings, making them ideal for corporate events, team-building activities, parties, and more.

We offer a simple flat rate of $750 for a 4 hour event. Should your event need more advanced options, we can customize pricing for you.

Yes, Bvado can accommodate specific event requirements and themes. Whether you have a particular theme in mind or unique requests for your corporate event, we work closely with you to tailor our services to match your vision. Our goal is to make your event truly special and aligned with your objectives.

Bvado has extensive experience working with corporate clients to enhance their events through our soccer-themed entertainment services. We have a track record of success in creating memorable and engaging experiences for corporate teams. We'd be happy to provide references or share testimonials from satisfied clients who have benefited from our services.

Availability may vary depending on the time of year and demand, so it's recommended to contact Bvado as early as possible to secure your preferred date and time. Booking in advance ensures that we can accommodate your event and provide you with the best possible experience. Our team is dedicated to making your corporate event a success, so the sooner you reach out, the better we can assist you.
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